Volunteer of the Month – April 2023

This month we’d like to recognize Kevin Allender and Scott Caro as our OMS PTA Volunteer(s) of the month. The work that these two have done co-chairing the House Hop committee the last two years has been instrumental to its record-breaking success. We wanted to talk to them about this popular event, and what their experience has been like volunteering with our amazing PTA.

1) How did you decide to volunteer with the PTA? When we moved to Arlington Heights four years ago from Louisville, KY we knew we wanted to get involved in our new community.  We have always found ways to be involved through volunteering wherever we have lived through soup kitchens, church, school or other non-profits.  When we saw the opportunity to join the PTA we knew it would be a great fit for our family.

2) What has been the best part of volunteering? By far the best part of volunteering has been the chance to meet so many wonderful families at OMS.  We are fortunate to have landed in a fantastic community of caring and giving families.  We have been involved in several different school communities and OMS by far has the best parent engagement we’ve experienced.  Not only do we have the opportunity to meet great people, but it’s also an opportunity to raise money for all of the kids at OMS.  It’s a total win-win! 

3) What has the time commitment been for both of you? Last year we became the House Hop Chairs for one of the school’s largest fundraisers. With the help of our committee and many volunteers for the event, the time commitment has been very manageable.  The month prior to the event was busy, but the key to success was planning tasks which made it within our ability to get the job done.  

4) What advice would you give to someone thinking about volunteering at OMS? We encourage all parents to find a way to volunteer.  Not all of the volunteer jobs are time consuming, and you can easily find a way to contribute to help OMS continue to be an amazing place for all of our kids. If you want to meet more families and feel connected to the school, volunteering is the way to make it happen.  It’s easy to be involved and commit at any level of time you have available

5) Give us your thoughts on why parents should get involved with House Hop? If you have not been able to join House Hop before, you simply must do it.  It’s a parent’s night out where you can meet tons of new friends and feel connected to the OMS family.   We continue to meet new OMS parents each year.  House Hop has been part of the OMS PTA for ten years and it continues to grow.  Last year was the largest attendance with over 250 parents joining together to raise nearly $10,000 net revenue for the PTA.  All that money goes right to each of our students through programming and supplies at OMS.  Mark your calendars, the 2023 House Hop is on Saturday, September 23!!!  

If you, or someone you know, would like more information on volunteering at Olive Mary-Stitt, please contact us here and we will answer any questions you have. The positive benefits to both the volunteers and the students are enhanced by the programs we organize every year.