Two OMS Students Shine in Reflections, Advance to Regional Competition

Excitement fills the air at Olive Mary-Stitt as two talented students, Thomas Andrews and Adelyn Swartz, emerge victorious in the Reflections competition!

Thomas, a first-grader, captivated judges with his musical composition titled “I am Hopeful,” while Adelyn, a fourth-grader, impressed with her choreographed dance “Color Me in Sunshine.”

Their exceptional talent and hard work have earned them a coveted spot in the regional competition, representing OMS on a larger stage. As they prepare to showcase their creativity and skills at the next level, the OMS community eagerly anticipates their continued success.

Stay tuned for updates on Thomas and Adelyn’s journey as they continue to shine bright in the Reflections competition. And be on the lookout next September for your chance to enter this exciting competition!