Check/Reimbursement Request:  Complete form for reimbursement of items purchased for the PTA. Question about this form, contact the PTA Treasurer: Sarah Van Huis.

Deposit Voucher:  Complete to deposit funds from a PTA event. These funds should be deposited with 2 business days after event occurs. Question about this form, contact the PTA Treasurer: Sarah Van Huis.

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Nominating Procedures

Olive-Mary Stitt PTA Bylaws

Olive-Mary Stitt PTA Procedure Guide 

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OMS Commons Set-Up Form

PTA Flyers:

Special Needs Statement – When making a PTA flyer, please include the following statement, where applicable: Individuals with disabilities should notify the principal if they have a disability that will require special assistance or services.

Required to be on all flyers – NOTICE: This event is solely sponsored by the PTA. School staff may not be present and have no responsibility for the event. Please direct all inquiries or concerns to the sponsoring PTA.

PTA Logo:  All communication must have the PTA logo.

PTA Committee Chair

PTA Meeting Agendas:

PTA Meeting Minutes:

9_26_2018-General Meeting

11_13_2018-General Meeting

PTA Volunteer Form

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School Lunch Menu: Click HERE to add money to your student’s account.

Tax Exempt Letter 2017/2018

Twig Submission Form

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