Open Committee Chair Positions for 2021-2022

There are quite a few important committees that are currently without a chair for the 2021/2022 school year! These committees will not be able to function without the generous volunteer hours from parents like you! Most of these committees simply follow the procedure guides from previous years and all that needs to be done is spelled out for you. However, we know it’s been a crazy year and some of them may need to look very different than they have in years past. We are here to help you and help make these committees continue on for the benefit of our students. Take a look at the list below, and if something catches your eye, check out the Procedure Guide at the bottom of the post to get a detailed description of the committee and position. Each committee requires at least two co-chairs to lead the committee. The number still needed for 21/22 school year are in () after. So grab a friend, and if you are interested in a specific committee or have ANY questions, please email and let us know!

  • ABC/25 Liaison (1)
  • Activity Nights (grade level) (2)
  • Cultural Arts (2)
  • Trivia Night (2)
  • World of Work (2)

**Procedure Guide Link**