Thomas Middle School PTA Positions OPEN for 21/22 School Year!!

Do you have an owl that will be starting at Thomas next year?? If so, please see the note from their nominating committee!

The TMS PTA Nominating Committee is looking for suggestions of persons who would be interested in serving as a PTA Officer for the upcoming school 2021-2022 school year and we would like to include parents of 6th graders that will be moving onto Thomas next year also.

The positions that we need to fill are President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. We would welcome any suggestions of people who you feel would be willing and able to make a contribution to the TMS PTA next year. Please note that PTA rules require that the President-Elect have prior PTA Officer or PTA Committee Chairperson experience at either the Middle School or Elementary School levels.

Feel free to nominate another person or yourself! Any nominations can be sent to Thank you for your consideration.