Celebrate Black History Month

During Black History Month, let’s learn more about some remarkable people! This week we are highlighting NASA astronaut Victor Glover.

When NASA astronaut Victor Glover arrived at the International Space Station on a SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule in November, he settled in for a six-month stay to become the first Black astronaut to live and work on ISS for an extended period of time. (Of the more than 300 NASA astronauts who have been sent to space, only 14 have been Black Americans.)

It was Glover’s fifth grade science teacher at Allison Elementary in Pomona, California., Mr. Hargrove, who inspired Glover to pursue STEM (an area where Blacks in the U.S. are under-represented, and Black and Latino students drop out of STEM degrees at higher rates than their white peers). To learn more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/15/science/victor-glover-black-astronaut.html