ABC/25 Updates- Plus Learn How to Support Our School with Grants!

2 of the 3 grants submitted by Olive staff were funded! The third didn’t fully meet the requirements of the ABC/25 foundation but will likely be funded through other venues.

Coco bomb fundraiser raised over $2000 for the ABC/25 foundation which will be used for future grants!

As of our December meeting, only 1 school in the school district had met the 25% ACB/25 family memberships to receive the $2500 all school grant. Olive was tied for first runner up only needing a handful more members to receive the full grant. Now 3 schools total have gotten enough members to get grant but the more members that join, the more funds the foundation has to support future grants. These memberships are primarily how the foundation raises money.

Become an ABC/25 Foundation Member by donating $40.00 or more (membership applied to all schools that family is in i.e. middle and elementary). District staff may join at an educator’s rate of $25.00 or more. This year has had a particularly low teacher membership and the foundation was planning on putting flyers in their school mailboxes so spread the word and please be on the look out for that.