Guest Speaker at Next PTA Meeting

February 4, 2020!

Join us for our first PTA meeting of the new year, February 4, 2020 at 7 p.m. Following our general meeting we are excited to host our guest speaker, Leslie Kendrigan Meredith, talk about healthy food and cooking with kids. Below is a bit of her background and description of the presentation.

Knowing where our food comes from is great, but knowing how to grow your own and turn it into something delicious is even better. Leslie Kendrigan Meredith teaches kids how to grow and cook “real” food at her School of Food in Arlington Heights. She encourages more wonder, dirt, sweat, creativity and experimentation in the garden. Leslie’s initial forays into edible gardening led first to a community garden for the Historic Arlington Neighborhood Association (HANA), then to the formation of the garden club at Thomas Middle School. In November, she was named Cook of the Year by the Daily Herald after winning their competition. After a 30-year career in marketing, she is now focused on turning her hobby into a business, sparking a love of real food in kids.

Leslie is happy to be back at Olive, where her daughter thrived. She’ll be sharing recipes and tips for getting your kids in the kitchen making healthy after-school snacks like beet hummus, apple and sweet potato chips, and yogurt-turmeric dip. And she’ll prepare pumpkin energy bits and a squash and kale quesadilla to demonstrate how quick and easy these can come together, scrumptiously.