Local Author Helps Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Last week, Olive-Mary Stitt, as a collaboration between the LMC and the PTA, welcomed Illinois Reads Program recommended author, Michelle Schaub, to help celebrate a favorite tradition of Poem in Your Pocket Day! Ms. Schaub’s book, Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day At the Farmer’s Market, was highlighted for her use of descriptive words inspiring the imagination to see a farmer’s market as a treasure hunt for things you just can’t find in a grocery store. She then connected the dots and likened poetry to a treasure hunt as well; looking for that perfect word to complete the poem. She engaged the kids right off the bat with her vegetable-filled green tights and kept them enthralled for her presentation spotlighting poetry. A great way to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day!

More about the Illinois Reads Program – http://illinoisreads.org/aboutillinoisreads.html