Staff Appreciation Week – May 6th – 10th

Please join us in celebrating our first class OMS staff during Staff Appreciation Week. We have a fun line-up of optional activities that we hope the students will have fun participating in to show this special group that they make a WORLD of difference. **Please pay attention to Friday, as there is a link to a list of each teacher’s favorite color.**

Monday: Words of kindness – write a note to your teacher to tell them something kind about them.
Tuesday: One flower – bring a flower to your teacher to brighten up their day.
Wednesday: Recite a joke to a staff member.
Thursday: Leave a mint on their desk to show them they are worth a mint.
Friday: Dress in your teachers favorite color.

*We will have extra flowers and mints available on Tuesday and Thursday*

Staff Appreciation Donation Sign-Up:

Staff Appreciation Volunteer Sign-Up: