Box Tops February Challenge Results

The Box Tops have been collected, clipped and counted….Olive-Mary Stitt collected just over 2,500 Box Tops! That’s $250 for our school!

The winning homerooms are Ms. Musich’s 2-3 with 529 Box Tops turned in and Mrs. Kusiciel’s 4-4 with 396 Box Tops turned in!

This school year we have made about $750 for Olive…just by cutting a label off of products that we use everyday…SOOOO EASY!

Please continue clipping and saving, and even recruit your family, friends and neighbors to clip too. We have 8 months til our next challenge so start saving today. I think we can double what we made this year…if anyone can, OLIVE us can!

Also, a great big thank you to all of the clipping and counting volunteers! I truly appreciate all of your time and effort.

Thank you!