New PTA Committee: Diversity Committee

Please read the introduction and description below, and reach out to OMS PTA at if you are interested in working on one of these committees.

OMS is a welcoming school, with a diverse population of students and families from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and cultures. We would like to celebrate our diversity and have a committee in place to reflect and support our efforts to be cognizant of diversity and inclusion. There is already a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative through the National PTA, so we will follow the guidelines and standards set forth as our road map as we develop this committee.

Diversity Committee:
• As a member of the National PTA, the Diversity Committee will follow the guidelines set forth in the National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Policy.¹
• Work to support the diverse needs of the community and differences that distinguish people, including, but not limited to, gender, race/ethnicity, mental, emotional, psychological and physical disabilities; learning styles; geographic residence; languages used; cultural heritage; and educational level.²
• Address inclusion by reaching out to people, engaging them in ways that address their needs and perspectives, and encouraging all families to become actively involved in PTA activities and membership.²
• Write articles for the Twig promoting the Diversity Committee.

¹More information on the National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Policy can be found here: