PTA Committees Need You!

Committee Chair Open Positions
Do you have a special talent? Or do you have an interest in one of the committees at OMS? Well, we need you! We are currently filling open positions for Committee Chairs. Each committee requires at least two co-chairs to lead the committee. The current number needed is indicated in parenthesis by each title. Take a look a the list below, and if something catches your eye, check out the Procedure Guide at the bottom of the post to get a detailed description of the committee and position. If you are interested in a specific committee or have any questions, please email and let us know!

Conference Dinner (2)

Ecology Club & Beautification (2)

First Aid for Little People (1)

Liaison – Thomas (1)

Liaison – South (1)

New Family Mentoring (2)

Owl Way (1)

Trivia Night (1)

Procedure Guide Link: