Congratulations to Reflections Participants

Congratulations to the Reflections participants who have moved on to Region! All Reflections pieces moved from Local Council. 14 pieces have moved on to Region! We will keep you posted on those that move on to State.
Congratulations to the following Region participants:

  • Adelaide Galla – Visual Art, World of Heroes
  • Charlotte DeRosa – Literature, True Heroes
  • Vivienne DeRosa – Literature, Heros Every Day
  • Devin Joseph – Literature, Heroes Around Me: Book 2 of Silliness and Laughs
  • Varun Joshi – Literature, Hurricane Matthew
  • Vivienne DeRosa – Photo, Not Just Play
  • Madelyn Eidle – Photo, My Hero, Annie
  • Laina Halley – Photo, In the Shadows of the Heroes
  • Serena Joseph – Photo, Saving Zebras
  • Vivienne DeRosa – Film, Real Friends
  • Charlotte DeRosa – Dance, Be a Believer
  • Vivienne DeRosa – Dance, We Are All Warriors
  • Vivienne DeRosa – Music, Heroes Every Day
  • Carson Holt – Music, Infinity War