Class Teacher Gift PTA Policy

Since Mary Stitt was principal (or even before her!), OMS parents have been extremely generous towards teachers and staff during the holiday season. We think this is wonderful!

As a PTA we’ve been asked to follow a few guidelines:

  • As a liability safeguard, the PTA Room Reps will not collect money for classrooms. This policy changed in 2017. If you can believe it, many districts experience PTA theft so the IL PTA directed us to remove involvement from this money collecting activity.
  • Parents (just not PTA Room Reps, taking away the formal PTA process) are welcome to collect for the class! Please keep in mind that not everyone can or will contribute to the gift.
  • You may choose to purchase a gift for you child’s teacher independent of a class gift, and that is an equally generous option.
  • Gifting of any kind, any time throughout the school year, is entirely OPTIONAL.

We hope this answers some questions. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.