Nominees for PTA Executive Board

Thank you to all who submitted names for our PTA Executive Committee search!
We are excited about the candidates we have found! All of the nominees come into their position with a wonderful skill set. They bring leadership, knowledge, creativity and the love of Olive to the PTA Executive Board Team.

The Board Nominations are:

For President: Mrs. Megan Puzen
For Co-President: Mrs. Sarah Galla
For 1 st Vice President: Mrs. Mary Beth Canty
For 2 nd Vice President: Mrs. Becky Hany
For 2 nd Vice President: Mrs. Stacey Esposito
For 3 rd Vice President: Mr. Jonathan Patrick
For Treasurer: Mrs. Sarah Van Huis
For Secretary: Mrs. Liz Gabianelli

The nominees will be sworn into their position at the May 9th PTA meeting. Please come to the meeting to congratulate them and find out all the great things the PTA is doing for Olive!