PTA Budget Update

When the PTA completes its annual budget in July, it does so knowing that two things are true – predicting the future isn’t always flawless, and no two years are identical. The budget process is pretty simple – the PTA takes budget requests from committee chairs, combines those expenses with operational obligations, and then balances our expected expenses with planned income and fundraising. Any surplus income goes through the excess funds process each year, and how we spend surplus money is voted on in the spring meetings.

This year our fundraising chairs wanted to do something new – to step away from traditional sales based fundraising and toward community building activities. The Executive Committee all agreed these new events – Just Jump and the Trivia Night to be held in the spring – were a welcome exciting change. We were also aware these activities were unknowns.

As we happily noted last week, Just Jump exceeded our expectations. This year’s House Hop was so successful; the hosts welcomed 50 people per house instead of the estimated 30. Because of these successes, the lower than average participation in some of the other ongoing fundraising activities are covered. We have built in flexibility with other planned events, and – more importantly – we are able to cover our expenses as they occur without concern.

We still need to raise an additional $3,700 to meet our budgeted obligations this year. Our fundraising team expects to meet this goal. Which is why when we received an $1,100 check from the school supplies supplier – unexpectedly – the school supplies committee brought up the idea of getting it back into the classrooms right away, this year, so the teachers who were inconvenienced by the school supply company’s delivery delay this fall could benefit from this unexpected money. At the end of the school year, any further budget surplus would go through the excess funds process. Please email ideas for this $1,100 to before December 5; any ideas will be brought to the PTA Executive Committee and teachers for review, the voted on at the January 31 meeting.

Thank you all for your generosity this fall and we look forward to seeing your ideas.