Reflections Projects Honored

The following students were honored at a Reflections Reception on March 9th, 2016 before the Teachnology event at Thomas Middle School.

5th Graders, Alexis Hemminger , Visual Arts, Guess What I’m Thinking About!
Maddie Gilbert, Visual Arts, The Olive Owl Spreading Her Wings
3rd Graders, Gwennie Gilbert, Visual Arts, Imaginary World
Sadie Talbot, Visual Arts, Dance Your Life
2nd Grader, Vivienne DeRosa, Visual Arts, Ride On Imagination*
Vivienne DeRosa, Dance Choreography, A Dream*
1st Grader, Thomas Stawicki, Visual Arts, The Shape Machine
Kindergartener, Charlotte DeRosa, Visual Arts, Rainbow Bone Trees
*Project that advanced to NW Cook Region

All 8 projects from Olive advanced to the District Level (AH Council)
From there 2 projects advanced to the Regional Level (NW Cook)
Congratulations Olive Owl Artists!!