Present Art in Your Child’s Classroom

The Art Awareness program is looking for more volunteers to present art work in the classroom between 3 and 5 times during the school year. The program is designed to help our kids look at and appreciate art. It’s a great way to get into the classroom without a large commitment.

Specific classrooms currently in need are:
2-1 Mrs. Jansson, 3-3 Mrs. Stevens, 3-4 Ms. Brown, 5-1 Mrs. Dunlop

We could also use extra hands for:
K-3 Mrs. Naughten, 1-3 Mrs. Nordman, 2-5 Mrs. Mueller, 3-2 Mrs. Molnar, 5-2 Mrs. Fowler, 5-4 Mr. Edstrom

The overall program is available via the website Please email Kristin Meek with questions.