Food Allergy Awareness Week

Being that this is Food Allergy Awareness Week, we shared basic allergy information on morning announcements.
Here are the key points:

  • 1 in 13 kids has a food allergy. That’s about two kids in every classroom. 
  • Food allergies are a serious medical condition, not a choice!
  • What is a Food Allergy? Some people’s bodies think that certain foods are harmful, even if other people can eat them every day.
  • If a person eats a food they’re allergic to, they can get very sick. This is called an “allergic reaction.”

How can I be a good friend to someone with a food allergy?
1. Know that food allergies are very serious.
2. Don’t share food.
3. Wash hands after eating.
4. Help all of your friends and classmates have fun together!
5. If a friend with food allergies feels sick, get help right away!

food allergy awareness