Have You Seen The Flower Boxes?

HAVE YOU SEEN THE FLOWER BOXES near the playground? Ecology Club strikes again….and this time….with the generous support of The Home Depot at Randhurst mall. The members of the Ecology Club painted the flower boxes a fresh shade of green. Two days later over Columbus Day weekend, they added soil, 18 perennial plants and topped it off with new mulch. All supplies were given to the Ecology Club by The Home Depot. What a wonderful sponsor. Check out the new look! Ecology Club meets on the First Friday of each month in the LMC until 4:45 p.m. Join us for more fun to come! Interested? Contact: Judi Schuch (schuch1606@comcast.net) or Zhaneta Roura (bgzhaneta@yahoo.com).

flower boxes Ecology Club